STARSEED ACADEMY is proud to be launching a whole new world of conscious events & programming for children and families.


About Us


Starseed Academy is a media and events production company with an online platform uniting the world’s children in higher consciousness learning and education. Course curriculum includes: Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation, Nutrition, Body Consciousness, Emotional Intelligence, Music, Creativity & Art, Gardening & Earthing, Energy Movement, Dance & Play. By focusing on nurturing the creativity and sensitivity that children are naturally born with, we aim to support their full-spectrum development into mindful, creative, happy, healthy and kind Human Beings. Through educating children via the online Starseed Academy website platform and Youtube Channel, we create a world-wide community of like-minded and like-hearted children. We are spiritual and believe in Unity-Consciousness, thus aim to create a peaceful, harmonious and loving space for children and adults of all religions to participate in.  As a conscious company, we are motivated by doing as much good for as many children around the world as possible, so we financially support affiliate non-profit organizations.

StarSeed Course Offerings

Mindfulness & Meditation

Children will learn how to be mindful with others and Meditation for better learning in school and family. 

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Fun & kid friendly yoga instruction

to help with stress, attention, and your child's ability to focus and concentrate.

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Energy, Movement & Flow

Mind and Body are activated for accelerated learning & flow-states through kid-friendly versions of Tai Chi and Qigong.

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Gardening & Nutrition

Your child will learn to care for nature, the enviroment, regenerative practices, and our own body-ecosystems.

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Creativity & Art

Crafting, painting, pottery and many more creativity-enriching arts tailored for youthful discovery.

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Music & Songwriting

Our songwriting coaches

teach the power of connecting with yourself through music.

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Dance & Play

When we play, we learn. Dancing and play are 

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Emotional Intelligence

Learning to identify emotions

and how to deal with them

in a healthy way.

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