Gardening& Nutrition

Becoming more aware of our connection to the Earth through Gardening & Nutrition.

Just as the sun gives us light, warmth and vitamin D, the Earth underfoot gives us our food and water, a surface to walk on, to sit, stand, play, and build on. Think of it perhaps as vitamin G—G for ground.


aFor children growing up in modern cities, being constantly exposed to EMF Frequencies (Electromagnetic Frequencies) from computers, cell phones and other electrical appliances in homes, schools and offices, it is a necessity to make time to connect with the earth and understand how the way we live and eat affects our own lives and the earth.

We recommend that children learn basic gardening from an early age. By learning about the food growing process we create an understanding that food comes from the earth, not just from a restaurant menu. It teaches children to honor and appreciate the food as nourishing life energy that they eat, by being more aware and mindful of the delicate process of what it takes to grow fruits, vegetables and animals.


We believe that and creating immersive experiences for children is actually the fastest way to create an understanding that they will carry into the future. If you'd like to be involved with Starseed Academy's Urban Gardening project, please email