Nutrition deals with food intake and nourishment. It is the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for our health and growth. Food and eating are more than a vital and essential part of life, it is a necessity. We learn eating habits from our families and cultures at an early age, since birth. Sadly however, not every family practices healthy eating habits. Children need to understand and know that what they put into their mouths and bodies becomes the energy that they vibrate at and thus affects their mental and physical bodies, as well as every aspect of their life. One cannot have a happy, healthy life if the body is not healthy. Good physical health is the key to experiencing life to the fullest. Having a healthy body is just as important as having a healthy mind and spirit. Body, mind and spirit, all go together and are all equally important to keep in balance. 

We aim to provide a solid foundation of health-conscious information about the topic of nutrition, with an emphasis on eating lots of organic, nutrient-dense whole foods. We support and encourage drinking lots of clean water, green juices, super-foods, vegan meals as much as possible and generally eating organic NON-GMO whole foods grown & farmed with love. We aim to teach children positive body consciousness by bringing awareness to the energy that they consume becoming a part of who they are.