Children's Yoga

 Better behavior through mind-body awareness.

Children derive enormous benefits from practicing yoga. Physically, it enhances flexibility, strength, coordination, body awareness, and ability to concentrate. Parents can also expect to see their children increase their capacity for focused attention and a sense of calmness and relaxation with regular practice. 


When kids learn to use all of their muscles and body parts in new ways, it develops focus and concentration through improving the mind-body connection. When practiced, yoga poses help children to clear their mind and become more conscious of their actions. By instilling cooperation, compassion and body consciousness is important for a healthy emotional and mental development at a young age, and is a great gift to give to our children. Also, children naturally love to be and play together in groups and classes. Having a regular practice where children do 30-60 minutes of yoga on their own while watching the online tutorial videos on the website, or going to an actual children’s yoga class at a Starseed Academy event in person is fun for them because they get to interact and connect with other like-minded children in class.

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